About the Oriental medicine

The Oriental medicine was born in ancient China,the period of Han,so it has almost 2,000 years'history.
"Japanese herbal medicine" which is used in the Oriental medicine is made up of not only leaves, roots, bark and seeds, but also animals and minerals.
Normally, we call these raw materials as "crude drugs", and "Japanese herbal medicine" is made by mixing these "crude drugs" based on many years of experiences.
"Japanese herbal medicine " is prescribed for each patient with different types and different quantity of crude drugs. So we can say that there are unlimited types of "Japanese herbal medicine".
Briefly speaking, the basic concept of the Oriental medicine is based on three factors ;
"Air, Blood, Water" or "Ki, Ketsu, Sui" in Japanese. These three factors keep the balance of a human being, and the breakdown of this balance makes the trouble in the body and it causes various types of sickness.
So healing from the sickness means the recovery of the good balance of "Ki, Ketsu, Sui".
In order to keep the good balance of "Ki, Ketsu, Sui", we find out the condition and the
balance of them, and finally we decide the prescription based on the each condition of each patient by mixing the crude drugs.

Fukuya Pharmacy keeps more than 300 types of crude drugs every time in order to adapt every prescription of "Japanese herbal medicine".

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