Please feel free to contact to us by following phone, fax or e-mail if you have any question.
The quality of the crude drugs such as the volume of the active principle is quite different by the producing district.
So the effect of prescribed crude drugs is clearly different by the quality.
Major part of our crude drugs is made by Uchida Wakan-yaku Inc. who keeps good quality control system.
Basically, our selling price of the decoction for one day is 600-800 yen(tax-excluded).
The price might change according to the type of prescribed crude drugs. In that case, we obtain your consent in advance before compound. If you have any unclear point, please contact to us.
We can accept two means of payment ; cash on delivery service of Yamato Transportation Inc. or postal transfer.
Mention based on Article 8 of "the Law about home-call sales"
1.Selling price
Basically, the selling price of the decoction for one day is 500 Yen without tax. Please inquire to us about the price in case of order of each crude drug.
2.Transportation charge
Transportation charge is not included in selling price. We ask you to pay for it.
3.Means of order
Please order by phone, fax or e-mail.
4.Means and timing of payment
Basically, we use cash on delivery service of Yamato Transportation Inc.. Please pay when you get it.
5.The date of delivery
Within one week including the order day.
6.Return goods
We cannot accept the return of the decoction. We accept the return of each crude drug only when it is not
yet opened. In that case, we will pay back directly into the appointed bank account after checking the goods
condition. (Transportation charge for the return and bank commission for the payment shall be paid by customer.)
7.Name of the medical supplier, name of the representative, address and phone number
Fukuya Pharmacy
Hitoshi Fukuda
647-1, Shokokuji-monzen chou, Kyoto City.
Tel$Fax 075-415-7033

TEL : 0820-22-0935
FAX : 0820-22-0935

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